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14/11/2016 11:14:49
marsala website

Con piacere segnalo Camping Lilybeo Village a Marsala

14/11/2016 11:14:48
marsala website

Con piacere segnalo Camping Lilybeo Village a Marsala

10/07/2016 10:35:47

sito di

splendido riassunto per immagini della Villa del Casale. Grazie, mi ? servito per riordinare i miei ricordi del viaggio nella Sicilia orientale

18/02/2016 05:50:47
ade winda
Indonesia website

hellooo .... I'm from Indonesia . I found the website by browsing on the internet . I'm very interested to visit this website . and it turns out after it opened , the website is very nice and very helpful . mix of color matching and very creative . I was so inspired to work like this website . thank you

31/08/2013 04:23:21
Miranda Koning
Kerkewijk 40 website

Beste Eigenaar, Sinds kort ben ik een eigen website gestart over Sicilie. Om dit leuke Italiaanse eiland wat meer aandacht te geven wil ik u vragen om een link naar mijn website te plaatsen? Het is vooral heel informatief dus bied denk ik meer waard e aan jullie bezoekers. Website: Als link Titel graag: Sicilie Zou super zijn! Natuurlijk is een link ruilen ook mogelijk, Alvast bedankt, Groetjes, Miranda Koning van P.S. Leuke Sicilie tips voor onze website? Ik hoor ze graag

27/07/2013 19:09:53
Jeff Royal
USA website

Just noted that the helmet you have on your website, one that we found in our project work, is described as Roman. This is most likely not the case. It is more likely from Celtic mercenaries in the employ of the Carthaginians. You may want to make the correction. Thanks.

21/02/2013 15:01:51
Ireland website

Dear Sir/Madam
I hoping to do a driving holiday thru Portugal but have not been able to get a Camping map of Portugal.? Would have one that you could send me thru the post?
I really appreciate your help and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards

11/09/2012 11:32:36
Richard Foster
Netherlands website

Dear Webmaster;


This mail is to let you know that Brill has recently acquired the domain name ?and has moved its target URL from ?to

Can you please look to update your target URL to .com?


Leiden (NL) / Boston (MA) -- 31 August? 2012

Academic publisher Brill announces the migration to as the new domain for the corporate website and the employees? email addresses. As of this week, will replace the previous domain In its 330th year, Brill?s headquarters are still based in the Netherlands, but the new domain more accurately conveys the company?s long standing tradition as an international publisher. ?Moving to a .com domain is an adequate reflection of Brill?s global scope and ambitions,? says Herman A. Pabbruwe, CEO of Brill. ?Existing URLs and email addresses with the old domain will continue to be redirected infinitely. ?

About Brill (

Founded in 1683 in Leiden, the Netherlands, BRILL is a leading international academic publisher in the fields of Ancient Near East and Egypt, Middle East and Islamic Studies, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, contemporary History and History of War studies, Biblical and Religious Studies, Slavic Studies, Language & Linguistics, Biology, Human Rights and Public International Law. With offices in Leiden and Boston, BRILL today publishes more than 175 journals and around 600 new books and reference works each year. All publications are available in both print and electronic form. BRILL also markets a large number of research collections and databases with primary source material. The company?s key customers are academic and research institutions, libraries, and scholars. BRILL is a publicly traded company and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam NV. For further information please visit


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Richard Foster



P.O. Box 9000


The Netherlands

t +31 71 53 53 411 (direct)

f +31 71 53 53 542

Please read, by Willem Dijkhuis

21/03/2012 14:31:55
dr andreas fischer
germany website

hello motya info team,
i am a german journalist, writing a book about sicilia. it would be very interesting
for our readers to see some fotos of your site in motya, especially from the museum whitaker. can you send me please the three fotos in the attachement (the figure of the young man, the house and the garden) in high res, so that we can print them in the book?
that would be very cindly.
best wishes from munich, dr andreas fischer

dr. abdreas fischer
viktor scheffel stra?e 9
80803 m?nchen

the publisher is
"highlights sizilien"

11/03/2011 22:46:31
Ramon Arnó Torrades
Lleida (España) website

Hola, que tal ... mi nombre es Ramon Arn? Torrades y he escrito una novela de aventuras titulada "el secret de la roca sobirana" en que la protagonista vive en Sicilia y viaja hasta Lleida (Espa?a) para participar en unas aventuras arqueologicas para descifrar la lengua ibera. Dice la leyenda que los sicanos, los antiguos pobladores de Sicilia, eran originarios de la zona de Lleida, ya que por aqui pasa el rio Segre, conocido como Sicoris, y de ahi el nombre de Sicania por el que se conoci? a la isla de Sicilia en la antig?edad. Me gustaria contactar con algun arqueologo o historiador de Sicilia ya que me gustaria continuar con la segunda parte de mi novela y quisiera documentarme sobre la historia de Sicilia. Saludos cordiales y gracias, Ramon Arn? Torrades.

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