Sites and events Museo Regionale Conte Agostino Pepoli

Museo Regionale Conte Agostino Pepoli

Museo Regionale Conte Agostino Pepoli

Trapani (TP)

The museum Pepoli is housed in a former convent of the Carmelites in the town of Trapani. In the museum are on display paintings, sculptures and artisan objects like jewellery from the Sicilian upper society and the church

Museo Regionale Conte Agostino Pepoli

The museum Pepoli at Trapani is housed in an old thirteenth century cloister in the middle of the city. From the outside it does not show the marvellous architecture with the splendid monumental stairs, portals and magnificent halls.

The museum Pepoli possesses a large collection of paintings ranging from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century as well as a vast collection of fine art objects like the impressive collection of jewels carved in coral set in gold and silver.

Address: Via Conte Pepoli 180, Trapani (TP)

Tel: 0923 553269

Opening times: Sunday and holidays 9:00-12:30. From Tuesday to Saturday 9:00-17:30, closed on monday

Prices: 6.00 Euro (Reduced 3,00 Euro)

Website: Beniculturali della Regione Sicilia

The information has been updated for 2016 but prices and opening hours may vary.

Last updated 15/12/2016


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