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Archaeological museum of Aidone

Archaeological museum of Aidone

Aidone (EN)

The archaeological museum of Aidone is housed in the former Convento dei Padri Cappuccini and has a vast collection of finds from the archaeological excavations of Morgantina.

Archaeological museum of Aidone

In the museum of Aidone are on display many finds from the archaeological site of Morgantina. These finds date back to the earliest period of human settlement on the hill of the Cittadella, in prehistoric times, until the end of the hellenistic town of Morgantina in the third century BC. Highlights of the museum are the Venus of Morgantina and the Acrolithes, the deities Demeter and Kore, returned in recent years by American musea to Sicily. There is also on display a particularly rich treasure of fifteen objects in silver found during excavations in 1998 and dated to the third century BC.

Address: Largo Torres Truppia 1, Aidone

tel. +39 093587307

Opening hours: 9:00 - 19:00 (closed on monday)

Prices: Euro 6,00 ; Euro 3,00 (reduced)

Website: Sicilia Beniculturali

The information has been updated for 2016 but prices and opening hours may vary.

Last updated 11/06/2016


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