Beaches of Sicily

Sicily is the largest region of Italy with a coastline of 1152 kilometers. The smaller islands around Sicily that are part of the region add another 500 kilometers of coastline. Along these coasts one can find large sandy beach as well as beautiful small rocky beaches in wonderful bays. Here we provide an overview of some of the beaches of Sicily, but ofcourse there are more.

The northwest (Trapani and Palermo)

On the northwest point, north of Trapani lies the most renowned lido, that of San Vito Lo Capo with a really enchanting white beach against the background of high mountainpeaks. To the southeast lies the Riserva dello Zingaro, a natural park where cars are not admitted but where within a few hours of walk one can find the most beautiful hidden beaches. Passed the Riserva lies Castellammare del Golfo with the famous beach of Guidaloca.
or the people of Palermo the beach is that of Mondello, nowadays the lido of Palermo. Other beaches are much less frequented because of the growing city with its modern problems, but going east one encounters the beaches of Aspra and Capo Zafferano near Bagheria.

Beachmap of Sicily

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